From Principal’s Desk

It is a matter of great honour and privilege for me to write these lines as the Principal of Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey Uttar Pradesh Sainik School Lucknow which holds unique distinction of being the first Sainik School in the country. This school is on an endless Odyssey to edify and enlighten. Every milestone enroute is a headway for the school and all the ex-Principals starting from legendary Late Col H.R.H. Daniel, Lt Col B K Dass, Lt Col Randhir Singh, Lt Col D S Mishra, Wing Cdr K S Tripathi, Wing Cdr S S Dubey, Col R N Dwivedi, Lt Col ARS Panwar, Wing Cdr KHN Singh, Maj Gen Ranjit Singh, Brig Sumar Vir Singh and Col Vijay Kumar, each has been a credit to the school. I thank them for their sincerity and diligence and congratulate them for doubtlessly taking the school this far.

In recent years, there has been a veritable paradigm shift in the theory and concept of the purpose of education. Parents and teachers no longer believe that the purpose of education is merely to prepare for a job or material success. Most people realise that education must also cultivate spirituality and a high moral character. It must continually inspire to imbibe culture, compassion, discipline and personal values and above all help in producing good human beings.I deem myself fortunate to be associated with such a noble cause. No other profession can enjoy the satisfaction of imbuing human minds with high principles which no time can efface. I do not know how much I will succeed in my endeavour but my efforts in this direction would be untiring.
The need for goodness has become significant in today’s materialistic world. Cut throat competition has become the order of the day. In every sphere of life you see people trying to prove their superiority over others. It has become an obsession to prove that they are bigger, brighter and better all the time. This makes them cold and arrogant and thus they live under an illusion that they are better and therefore more successful. The most important quality which is least talked about and is often overlooked in truly successful individuals is the all consuming glow of light, the warmth of being good human being. Do not forget, God has made a man in His Likeness. Hence it is easier and natural to be nice and warm rather that to be cold, ruthless and arrogant. A likeable person does not have to exert himself in order to make others follow him. It is rightly said “Education without humility is no education. It is merely means of livelihood.” Hence adorn the ornament of humility and goodness and radiate with the light of a beautiful and successful human being.

In the end, I would like to congratulate the entire fraternity of U.P. Sainik School and call upon my team with my feelings in the following words:
“No vision, and you perish, no ideal and you are lost, your heart must ever cherish, some faith at any cost. Some hope, some dream to cling to, some rainbow in the sky some melody to sing to, some service that is high.”

–With best wishes.