Sports Adventure Events


Brig Amulya Mohan(retd), SM, VSM was the chief guest on this occasion.

The ceremony was attended by galaxy of distinguished guests and ex-cadets along with faculty members, cadets & Parents.

Brass Band

The elegance of upsainians brass band has its own way to define. Its scope can be seen in RD Parade competition. Its delicacy seduces the mind of viewers and force them to clap.


Basketball is game of speed, skill and team work. IT is a game played by the cadets with great zeal and enthusiasm. The upsainian team regularly plays tournament in various competition.


Soccer is a game loved and played by all upsainians. The school soccer Team tookpart in CBSE cluster and prove their metal.


Aiming for the bull’s eye – a perfect score, their concentration may bag them a life time gold! Being supervised by the school administration, Dr. Devpal, they have proved how deadly a weapon can be so better watch out!


The last few hundred meters of the X country runs, months of practice, endless hours of running sessions, the satisfaction of seeing your games rig soaked in sweat, all the hard work comes down to his moment. Your legs are now weighing a ton each, and its getting very difficult to take another step. Just then you hear someone schout out the name of your house which suddenly sends a surge of power gushing through your body. You do not think what will happen to you after you cross the finish line but you risk it all and go full throttle