UP Sainik Schools are run by the UP Sainik Schools Society with the Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh as its Chairperson and is fully financed by the state government. Local board of administration (LBA) with the Commissioner, respective Division, as its Chairman and Principal of the school as the Secretary, is responsible for its efficient functioning on day to day basis.

The UP Sainik Schools were set up to provide highly subsidized quality education to selected students of UP with the help of military officers and to make it functional as a nursery and feeder institution for the N.D.A.


Main aim of the school is to prepare the cadets academically, physically and mentally for entry into the commissioned ranks of the Defence Services through the National Defence Academy.

1. To bring each cadet to an educational standard which will enable him to complete successfully in the open competition for admission to the National Defence Academy.
2. To train each Cadet in a manner, which will instill in him qualities of self reliance and confidence and enable him to derive full benefit from the courses of instruction at the National Defence Academy.
3. To render Cadets physically fit to take their place at the NDA and later to face with courage and endurance the hardships inseparable from life in the Armed forces.
4. To impart training to all Cadets so that in consonance with the National Spirit they could conduct themselves with confidence in any society,and
5. To infuse in all Cadets a sense of loyalty, patriotism, individual and corporate responsibility for leading a purposeful life as honest and useful citizens of India.


The Schools under this Society are affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The Schools are run by the U.P. Sainik Schools Society with the Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh as its Chairman.